How does Readystock work?

Mass-produced in factories or hand-crafted with an Italian designer label. Made from polycarbonate or Mazzuchelli Acetate plastics, with CR39 or Carl Zeiss lenses. The cost of manufacturing sunglasses can vary significantly depending on the many combinations of materials that are available to brands. We work with the factories who make the sunglasses, paying full price for their products, carefully considering the quality of their eyewear before selling direct to the customer.

Our research of the industry has shown that low-cost, mass-produced, need not mean poor quality and though premium, hand-crafted designer frames from Italy exhibit eyewear manufacture at its best, prices exceeding £250 are hard to justify.

Readystock, the alternative, removes the cost of the middleman, for wholesale mark-ups represent a large, unseen cost for the consumer. By skipping this, as well as the processes of packaging and branding, those designer frames drop in price from £250 to £120. A justifiable price point that accounts for manufacture with the finest available materials. Alternative styles, such as a pair of polarised sports sunglasses that would retail at £90 will be available to Readystock customers for £45.

Customers buy direct from Readystock and in doing so pay up to 60% less than in other outlets, whilst getting the same, high quality eyewear. Our process creates a detachment between quality and price, as the price point should never encourage the diminishing of quality. This approach is a revolution within a landscape dominated by a handful of conglomerate brands.

On Lenses:

UV400 Lenses, providing almost total protection from UVA and UVB rays, are not guided by price. The cheapest of frames, those picked up from a petrol station or motorway services, can have within them quality lenses with the ability to protect your eyes as well as duty-free designer sunglasses. 

Beyond the differing price point, the clarity of these lenses can vary significantly. As with a camera lens, greater cost is associated with greater clarity. The best lenses can transform an average camera, producing a crisp end product when placed in the right hands. 

Polarised lenses offer the greatest clarity and, therefore, cost more. However, the customer who buys non-polarised is not deprived of UV protection, as these lenses provide no additional shielding from the sun. We have worked hard to provide polarised lenses to frames at the lower end of the price scale, with UV400 guaranteed in all.

Below is a graph that highlights where the savings are achieved.